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Happy Camp Chamber for May 5, 1998

May 5, 1998 was Candidate night at the Lions/Scout Hall on Park Way.
May 13th was a regular weekly meeting at the Gold Mine Restaurant. A Hot dog booth at the FunFest was discussed. Volunteers can sign up with Janice at Office Outfitters. Debbie is signing up volunteer poker dealers. Donna made a motion to pay $25 for a food booth (in addition to poker booth) Gini 2nd the motion and it passed.
Ivan did a mailing on the ads for calendars. Judy made a motion we reimburse him $6.40 and five him additional postage for future mailing for $9.60. Donna 2nd the motion and it passed.
 Janice made a motion we pay pay Larry's bill $8.70, Donna 2nd and it passed. Howard made a motion we take the usual Fun Guide ad on the back for $225, Donna 2nd and it passed. Howard asked that we pay interim insurance to Churchill about $51, Gini made the motion, Janice 2nd and it passed. They will check with Churchill on the Allstate policy which will be cheaper considering the added event charge.
Donna will call about advertising at the Bay Shore Mall to get the coastal tourists to come inland and see our area.
Tribe will have hamburger and hot dogs at the Tribal Reunion in September. Secretary was asked to check with Charlotte on T-Shirts (she is agreeable to doing t-shirts for the 2nd annual Tribal Reunion with two feathers.)

Rosemary made a motion that we order envelopes from Office Outfitters, Donna 2nd and it passed.

Howard thanked the Chamber oft the Get Well Balloon during his hospitalization.

Rosemary suggested a MEMBERSHIP DRIVE. There was a discussion  on raising dues because of the raise in insurance and other expenses, as well as to tell whether it is calendar or dues income. The matter was tabled for further consideration.

May 20th, 1998 Harvey called the meeting to order; Howard, Jean, Donna, Delores, Debbie and Judy were present. A dinner to meet the doctor and dentist was discussed. Treasurer reported we had $2605. the end of April. She has paid out $190 thus far this month for an estimated balance of $$2400 including brochure money. Insurance, $51.67 plus $129 per event or $504.00 including events with Allstate was discussed.

Harvey went to the Board Council Training Session with RC&D, je relates the importance that we focus on why we are here.

Two booths (poker and food) at Music Funfest were discussed. Poker dealers and food servers are needed. Rosemary was unavailable for update on the food booth. There will be a FRONTIER bus tour next week.
Howard will call a BYLAW committee meeting soon.
Bayshore offered advertising at the mall for $400 a month for a 10x10 space. Suggestion was made that we split it with Coordinating Council if they want to advertise Bigfoot Jamboree. It was decided we should wait until brochures are paid for.
Discussion on raising the dues a dollar or two to differentiate between calendar payments. Nee for more income due to increasing rent and insurance costs was discussed but the consensus is to keep dues as low as possible for more involvement by more businesses who are still in economic hard times.
May 27th meeing was called to order by Harvey. The FRONTIER tourists were at the Gold Mine Restaurant. Howard was out of town. Gini & Ivan were cooking with BJ at the park for the tour dinner. Rosemary was welcomed back after surgery. Harvey, Jean, Delores, Chuck and Judy were present.
Dispersal of STAT OF JEFFERSON SCENIC BYWAY brochure was discussed. Chuck said that he sent out 3,800 mailings last year for River Connection. Several hundred dollars have come in for the calendar advertising but it is not yet deposited. Chuck will check with Ivan on billing the $447 that we paid for advertisers.
There will be a meeting at 5 the Grange on the Forest Service Road Closures.
OR-CAL grant topics were discussed A snowshoe and cross-country ski Snow park, horseback riding or horse packing and rifer farting tours were discussed. Chuck recommended Orange Torpedo from Grants Pass. We could check with Rick. Claypoole who is part-time with them.
Discussion of generating computer labels for Chamber mailings was discussed.
Howard as chairman of the nominating committee, is seeking faithful people who will serve on the board for the coming year.
It is vital that we have a quorum for the meeting next week to decide budget natters, amount of the dues for this year, and nominations for board members and officers for the coming year. Tuesday night, June 2nd after you vote at 7 p.m. meet at the Lions Scout Hall. It will be decided which cafe to meet at for June Wednesday lunch meetings.

The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce thanks you for your support in the past. We value your input and appreciate your joining with us to help work together to improve the Klamath River Valley communities. Despite the rise in insurance cost and other expenses, we have tried to keep the annual membership dues as low as possible for the community.

Only one dollar a week, $52.00 a year, will continue your support as a business member of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce. Dues are due by July first and cover the year July 1, 1998 to June 30, 1999.

Your business received advertising and listing in the membership directory, you may display your brochures at the Chamber office and calls to the Chamber telephone are referred to Chamber members whenever possible. We support you in appreciation of your support!!

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