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2006 Chamber Minutes April 4, 2006

Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce Minutes for April 4, 2006
The monthly meeting of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce was April 4th at 6 p.m. at the Elk Creek Campground Meeting Room. Roberta Collum  surprised those who came with a dinner, which was great! Thanks!!
Those present were James Buchner, Roberta and Olen Collum, Montine Blevins, Eugene Kravis, Judy Bushy and Nadine McElyea, each of whom introduced themselves.
Roberta made a motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting, March 5, and 27th. Gene seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Nadine had expressed an interest in presenting some coming events of the Family Resource Center to the Chamber and did so at this time.

  • First matter is working together to prevent vandalism and broken windows which have been prevalent of late
  • Family picnic in the park May 6th was discussed with presentation of playground equipment. Donations of time/money would be welcome!
  • Tuesday, April 11th will be Child Abuse forum 11-1.
Membership,which has risen was discussed. Other means to increase membership and making new membership packets were discussed. Gene made a motion to provide $200 for framed membership certificates, with new seals. Robbie 2nd it and it passed unanimously, secretary abstained.
Brochure printing was discussed. Mosaic Press could print a beautiful tri-fold brochure for $1,100.00 due to quantity needed and that would not be within our budget. The Annual Chamber report, NEWSLETTER, of what the Chamber has accomplished in the past year could be sent to all box holders at a cost of $99. Colliers poster needs to be replaced due to fading. James had only two more deadlines for publications to complete plans for print advertising for the year.
Medford Home, Garden and Recreation Show only cost the Chamber $300 due to a savings on Insurance. Roberta and Montine shared their experiences and how people want to come down for fishing and rafting. Winner of the rafting trip is Candace Colliers of Talent, Oregon.
James has met with the Forest Service and reported on the Visitor Information Center the Recreation Kiosk and the need for more signage.
No one from the Bike Rally was present to give the Chamber an update on the plans. Over $3,000 is on hand to donate to River Park Improvements to the Happy Camp Community Services District.
All American Road application will be continuing. Jim Vancurra will be invited for a meeting. He would have been here tonight but his sons came for his birthday.
Bigfoot Jamboree will be celebrating the 20th year and Judy will meet with them to see how we can help.
The 501c6 status is the first goal of the new year. Montine will help James find the paperwork information that is needed to complete it.
Pet Emergency Seminar plans are for Saturday May 13th at 1:30. Fifteen attended last year and having a guess who handles emergencies also come was discussed.
Candidates Night was discussed and James will see if Marcia can come to a town meeting and schedule it when convenient for her along with other candidates
2006 Chamber Agenda for the Coming year:

  • Event information and photos are needed. If you have good scenic or recreational activity photos that the Chamber can use on posters brochures, newsletters, etc They would be much appreciated. We need upcoming events for the Newsletter also. 
  • River Long Garage & Yard Sale, possibly June 10th was discussed. everyone to be on a map advertise in areas like Medford about the drive down the Byways, and ask Yard Sales to donate a portion of their proceeds to Family Resource Center. 
  • Locating the Chamber trailer, used as an office located near the Visitor Information Center was discussed.
  • New Website ideas were discussed. An example to look at is suggestions.
  • We discussed a nonprofit group Friends of the Klamath National Forest and the possibility of using senior volunteers for the Visitor Information Center. 
Adjourned with plans to meet:

  • Advertising Committee Wednesday April 12th at noon at Elk Creek Meeting Room
  • Publication & promotions meets 4/20 with Jim Vancurra at Pizza House at One o'clock
  • Candidates Night will be scheduled Thursday May 11 6 p.m. at Lions Hall
  • Next monthly meeting is May 2nd, 2006 at the Elk Creek Campground Meeting Room
  • Emergency Pet Seminar at High School with Dr. KIravis is Saturday May 13th


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Ribbon Cutting at Office Outfitters by the Chamber

Howard Garthwait of Happy Camp  CofC, Susanne Burcell Karuk CDC,
Charlotte Attebery of Evans Mercantile, Rosy Bley, and Mike and Janice Trombetta.
The Partnership of Michael Trombetta and Rosy Bley was formed when they took a class on Starting a Business by Susanna Burcell. She recommended they oin forces since Rosy is interested in Desk Top Publishing and Mike has expertise on computers and office management. They rented the back part of Evans Mercantile from Charlotte Attebery and began Office Outfitters!  
Ivan Hyde, of Siskiyou House presented Mike Trombetta with a plant from the
Happy Camp "Chamber of Commerce to welcome Office Outfitters in the business community.

For the Ribbon Cutting, Charlotte Attebery, Marion Curtis, Ivan Hyde,
Howard Garthwait, Rosy Bley, Michael and Janice Trombetta, Jean DeLong,
Rosemary Boren and Janeen Snopl.

Howard Garthwait & Rick Huston

The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce, for many years, met for the monthly evening meeting the first Tuesday evening of each month at the Lion's Hall down at the end of Parkway at the River Park Area - - -but of course, there was only blackberry bushes in an old dump site in that place back then!! The Chamber also had no office. There really wasn't the need for one. We had brochures and information at Evan's Mercantile, and at Siskiyou House at different times.

The Chamber had a Job & Career Center when the Mill Closed at the Happy Camp Mini-Mall but that was mostly for helping people start businesses and find employment. Elizabeth "Liz" Ramos Cothren was the President at that time and from her Career Business she had given workshops on everything from Business Plans to how to interview for a employment and shared her expertise with community members. Workshops that were well attended were held at the Veterans Of Foreign Wars Hall because the office in the Mini-Mall was too small for the enrollment.

1998 December Happy Camp Chamber Minutes

December 1, 1998

Christmas Tree Cake made by Debbie Wilkinson,
Gini, Joann & Mr. Rucker and Ivan Hyde
Gay Baxter President of Down River Chamber
, and Howard Garthwait
Due to a meeting on HUBZone Empowerment Contracting Program, Don Humphries was not able to come. Gay Baxter, President of the Somes Bar.Orleans Chamber of Commerce discussed the pre-grant proposal for Colliers that Harvey and "Don presented to the Down River Chamber. She also said the Bigfoot Scenic Byway proposal which was supposed to be in Washington DC could not be located and will be sent again.
There was a spirited discussion on the Board of Supervisors actions. The unincorporated TOT still belongs to us. Joann Rucker said there are no funds to reprint the Siskiyou County map. Associated Chamber meets December 10th for a decision on their situation. Hope was expertness that the Chamber could use the 800 number and Internet numbers if the Associate Chamber doesn't do so. Harvey suggested the Tribe do so even though they are not members of the Chamber or KCDC.

Janeen Snopl handing out refreshments
Ivan Hyde and Ron Snopl helping
at Christmas Tree Lighting
Gay has received a $25,000 grant for "Hwy 96 Opportunity Guide" which will include driving over Greyback to Oregon. Hoopa received a grant of $30,000 for Watchable Wildlife but plans to make a book to sell. Gay asked Harvey to serve on a Hwy 96 Task Force, Harvey prefers to call it the River Corridor Task Force. Gay wants to include Willow Creek and Orleans.
Boat Race plaques are awaiting further bids for brass coast.
Howard reported that all is ready for the Christmas Tree Lighting tomorrow.
St. Patrick's Dinner will be March 13 and Harvey is getting more music.
The Chamber received OrCal Newsletter has been asked for an event list. Secretary has been asked for an event list. Secretary has sent information to San Francisco Downtown Magazine.

Sign In for the December, 1998 meeting at the Lions/Scout Hall.
Next Meeting is December 16th at the Gold Mine, the only Wednesday meeting in December.

January 5th meeting will be at the Lions/Scout Hall at 7 pm/ 
Thank you to the men who decorated the Christmas Tree and got the star on straight. Jon Saler and the music students who performed, Ron, Janeen and Ivan who served popcorn and cider Santa and Howard who was in charge and all others who participated in the beginning of the Holiday Season December 2nd. 

1998 November Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce Minutes

November 3, 1998
Present were Harvey Shinar, Debbie Wilkinson, Jean Dulong, Judy Bushy, Tom Waddell Howard Garthwait and Gini Hyde. After a discussion on the October Minutes, it was requested that they be changed to read "Due to lack of a quorum, no official business was held in the month of October, 1998."
Treasurer reported that as of the end of October there is a balance of $2,371.62 on hand.
Gini made a motion that we allow the Secretary $42 for postage for November and October. Howard seconded it and it passed.
Phil Langdon of Prehistoric Products who was going to come and share his business, was ill and will come and spake later.
David Hayes of Double J lent a rack for the display of Karuk Reunion t-shirts and merchandise.The Karuk Tribe has graciously allowed the merchandise to be sold at the Tribal administration building. Judy made a motion that the Tribe will sell them and reimburse us $803.75 (our cost) as the merchandise is sold, after that the balance is theirs to do with whatever they want. Gini seconded the motion and it passed.
The Boat Race memorial plaques were discussed. It was suggested that Gary Burnett and the Happy Camp Community Service District be consulted. Jean will bring a quote on plaques.
The little park clean up was rained out Saturday.
Pool Tournament entries were not coming in. Howard made a motion that we cancel the pool Tournament and refund entrants' fee. Tom 2nd the motion and it passed.
Howard reported on the Action Committee meeting last night. Cross country skiing and hiking trails as well as bicycle trails were discussed. Tom would like to see a community transportation plan to take to the Forest Service.
Bud Johnson is still interested in Drift Boat races. Harvey will contact music for the St. Patrick's Day dinner. Christmas Tree Lighting is December 2nd at 5 pm. Jon Saler has it on the music program calendar. Janeen is checking on popcorn and cider. Joann Steel of Mt. Shasta has the contract and funding for the Siskiyou County Visitor's Bureau. Holiday dinners were discussed. The treasurer has received checks that were ordered. Charlotte made a motion that we meet November 18th at the GoldMine, Jean seconded it and it passed. There will be no meeting the week of Thanksgiving. Tuesday, December 1st will be the evening meeting at the Lions/Scout Hall at 7 pm. 
There was a discussion on who signs the banks card. Gini made a motion that Jean, Harvey, Debbie and Howard sign the Bank Card. Charlotte 2nd the motion and it passed. 

November 11th No quorum

November 18, 1998
Harvey returned $57 from sale of Reunion shirts at the Tribal office. Treasurer, Jean reported the balance on the account is $2,443.42 with $109 deposited and $4.86 interest.
Lairy Dobbins fro Neighborhood Watch said Bruce Campbell noticed high drug use among his patients. He requested support for he Neighborhood Watch. They discussed getting a constable. Beau Morton is the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor for Karuk people. The Tribe also allows the AA and NA organizations to use their facilities. Howard reported on the Associated Chamber of Commerce meeting. The Associated Chambers of Commerce were begun in 1962 and for 36 years have served the Siskiyou County Communities. They will no longer operate as before because they will have no funds after November 30th. They will continue to have an annual Meeting to handle Harry Crebbins Scholarship Fund.
Harvey went to the recent CIIC meetings. Don Humphries and Tom Waddell of KCDC were not able to be at the meeting but they are applying for a grant for $59,000.00. This will involve $21,000 for Colliers Rest Area, $21,000 for an interpretive center in Happy Camp and $7,000 for a Hoopa Information Center for hospitality training and $5,000 for Willow Creek. KCDC may be able to take over the Visitor's Bureau Website calls so these calls will not be lost.
Christmas tree Lighting will be 5 pm instead of 5:30 as on the calendar. It was decided tht we would sell calendars at the Grange Holiday Bazaar, Evans and Siskiyou House for $5 each. Monday Meals on Wheels, Lola Wiley began delivering meals to 9 senior citizens.
 Present at the meeting were Harvey Shinar, Rosemary Boren, Jean Dulong, Judy Bushy, Ellen Johnson, Howard Garthwait, Rosie Bley, Charlotte Attebery, Gini& Ivan Hyde, Lairy Dobbins, Carrol and Fred Nelson of Thompson Creek Lodge and Elaine Swem (George's daughter from the Tire shop).

December 1st Evening Meeting at Lions/Scout Hall at 7 pm.
December 16 at GoldMine will be the only Wednesday meeting in December!
Happy Holidays!
January 5th meeting will be at the Lions/
Scout Hall at 7 pm.


Chamber Honors the Elenentary School Board 1997

Alan Dyar, Superintendent & Principal, Kay Bryan, County Supervisor, Elena Norman,Bank Manager
and Chamber Member and Howard Garthwait for the Happy Camp Chamber.

Deanna Miller, Betty Porter, Dan Falkenstein and Joe Foster who
serve on the Happy Camp Union Elementary School Board.

October 1998 Happy Camp Chamber Minutes

Please come to November 3rd Meetina t the Lions/scout Hall at 7 pm for interesting NEW Business

October 6th Evening Meeting at the Lions Scout Hall.
Present were President Harvey Shinar, Debbie and Sharon Wilkinson, Jean Dulong, Judy Bushy, Howard and Shirley Garthwait, Barbara Black and Gini Hyde. There was no quorum.
Barbara Black had been asked to share Naturegraph Publishing Business, and shared very interesting history and publications of Naturegraph.

October 14, Wednesday Meeting at Gold Mine Restaurant at 1 pm, no quorum.
Present were Debbie, Jean, Rosemary, and Gini Hyde. No quorum.
The Treasurer reported that we have $600 to deposit from T shirt sales. Checks expense of $30.95 was paid leaving a balance of $2,936.08. Tribe will buy the balance of the t-shirts at cost. Next year we are s=welcome to do something else.
Jean will bring a bid for boat race commemorative plaque (approximately $250.00)
Harvey shared his letters sent about Pool Tournament which secretary mailed.
There was a discussion on a letter from government office.
There is a Clean Up day planned for October 31st at the Old Town Mini-park with hot dogs and marshmallow. It will be no host from the insurance. Ellen got dirt from the tribe. Ed Jacobsen from county said they'd clean sidewalks.

October 21, Wednesday Meeting at Gold Mine Restaurant at 1 pm no quorum.
Present were Harvey Shinar, Debbie Wilkinson, Jean Dulong, Rosemary Boren and Gini Hude. AS There was no quorum, not motions were entertained.
Secretary attended the Y2K Seminar by Mike Jones from Timberlake Bank in Yreka.
Comming Pool Tournament for November 14th was discussed.
Thank you Rosemary for filling in for secretary in her absence.

October 28 Wednesday Meeting at Gold Mine Restaurant at 1 p.m. no quorum
Present were Debbie Wilkinson, Rosemary Boren, Jean Dulong, Judy Bushy Ellen Johnson, Dolores Voyles, Gini Hyde and Kim Foster. The Chamber received a letter about Holiday Meals. There was a bill from Larry's balance previously voted to pay August 19th for supplies.

October 28, Wednesday Meeting at Gold Mine Restaurant at 1 pm. No quorum
Present were Debbie Wilkinson, Rosemary Boren, Jean Dulong, Judy Bushy, Ellen Johnson, Delores Voyles, Gini Hyde and Kim Foster.
Emilyn Sheffield was with us from Chico to discuss the State of Jefferson and Bigfoot Byway promotions that she has planned as well as promoting the eight Scenic Byways in the north state. .
In 1994 when Emily began doing cooperative marketing, she noticed a collection of drives, Feather River Scenic Byway, Lassen National Forest, Modoc, State of Jefferson, Smith River and two Trinity Scenic Byways. There will be Bigfoot Byway when Six Rivers National Forest gets approval fro received from Washington, DC.
Her project will be merchandising a calendar poster for nonprofits to sell. It will be tested in Modoc Volcanic Byway, Lassen Park Scenic Byway and Trinity because it it spread out collection of towns and if it works there it will work anyway. There will be space for a local chamber to personalize it.
She is setting up as small advisory committee and will have representatives fro retail, nonprofit, (like Chamber of Commerce) Community, and private sector like John Thompson from Redwood, and each byway to have a representative from Forest Service, tourism and community.
If she can get a sponsor to pay for mugs in Weaverville to get a minimum order of 144 mugs with 6 colors, w could "bootleg" it and make one for Jefferson and Bigfoot Byways. The suggestion  was made to use grey scale  illustrations and gold lettering for a much less expensive mug. It would make a good figt for Chamber members to give.
There was discussion on place-mats and publications like "All the restaurants along the byway All the guides along the byway" etc.A tabletop with four 4x9 panels is int he works for the Trinity River, Trinity Heritage, State of Jefferson and Bigfoot Byways, They could later be cut for rack cards. She was also talking of key chains, Stickers (luggage labels) magnets, collector cards, clocks and bumper stickers. It will probably be let out to the communities to use as long as they don't change the design or colors but it mus be used to promote northern California's byways and non-revocable, but may be licensed. No one will get it ahead of time except calendar posters or if we wanted to do the mug project. Emilyn is trying to get someone to get a catalog out. Gini mentioned that mugs and t-shirts go best and maybe a magnet for $3 or less.
There was also talk of a town, like Happy Camp, or museum or activity wanted a similar graphic to use like a logo in connection with the scenic byway program that could be made for $500.00. there was the idea of putting up metal silkscreen signs at River Access/Campgrounds & Colliers and Bulletin boards telling towns especially and showing services and activities available. The 800 number to use on the State of Jefferson was discussed but will be decided January. Emilyn felt that it is critical that we get back into Colliers Rest Area.
Due to lack of quorum, not bills were paid, minutes were not approved, and no official business was held in the month of October. Please attend whenever possible especially Board members.
Next regularly scheduled meeting is on November 3rd (election day) at the Lions/Scout Hall. Wednesday meetings will be November 11 (Veterans Day) 18th, and 25th. Chamber sponsored pool tournament is coming soon. Hope you posted the flier sent to you last month

July 1, 1987 Minutes for Happy Camp Chamber

July 1, 1987
Harvey Shinar, Gini & Ivan Hyde, Janeen Snopl, Gary Burnett, Debbie & Sharon Wilkerson, Jean Dulong, Rosemary "Boren and Judy Bushy were present for the July 1, 1998 meeting when Harvey, as president, called the meeting to order. Refreshments were served, cookies and punch.
Jean gave a treasurer's report that she made a $398.50 deposit for a balance of about $1,230.50 for the new Chamber year.
Secretary handed out June minutes and Bylaws with amendments from other bylaws for incorporation to ba a 501(c)6 mutual benefit association. The vote on the amendments will be Tuesday, August 4th at 7 p.m. at the Lions Hall on Park Way.
Jill Sherman requested another letter for the Bigfoot Byway. Harvey will send it.                             Harvey will call CalTrans about getting the sign "closed due to snow" closed for the summer. Harvey reported from the Or?Cal meeting that the generator and library grants are proceeding.
Nominations for officers and board for the 1998-9 year are:
President: Harvey Shinar                            Treasurer:Jean Dulong
1st Vice President: Gary Burnett                Board: Jim Waddell
2nd Vice President: Debbie Wilkinson       Tom Waddell
3rd Vice President: Rosemary Boren          Ellen Johnson
Secretary: Judy Bushy                                 Janeen Snopl
Past President (Associate Representative): Howard Garthwait
Ivan made a motion to accept the slate of officers and Gini Seconded the motion. It passed.
Gini returned half of the June rent to the Chamber as the phone was moved out early.
Welcome to Happy Camp dinner for the doctor and dentist was discussed. Judy made a motion to allow $25 for lemonade and paper goods. Gary 2nd the motion and it passed.
Bigfoot Jamboree Ad was discussed before the meeting was adjourned.

Tuesday July 7, 1998
Harvey Shinar, Jean Dulong, Rosemary Boren, Jim & Lee Waddell and Judy Bushy were present.
A million and a half grant for Resource Development for a gas station in Happy Camp was discussed favorably.
Insurance quote was discussed.
Vote on Byway amendment was discussed before adjourning.
BINGO for the Slater Butte Translator is August 8th at 6:30 at Karuk Multipurpose Room at the old Elementary School.

Wednesday July 15, 1998
Jim Waddell will present slides and Rosie her brochure next week. .
Tribal Reunion will be October 10, 1998
Gini and Ivan sent in the calendar and $730.00 payment.
Churchill Insurance was paid $540.00 for liability insurance.
Debbie made a motion 2nd by Charlotte to buy a $50 ad in the Bigfoot Jamboree booklet of the Happy Camp Coordinating council.
Errors in recent publications were discussed. Gini brought to attention that the Fun Guide lists Siskiyou House as the Chamber office yet.
Humboldt's Visitor Guide gave the Siskiyou House phone instead of the Chamber phone and the Web site address was left out. One Hundred and One Things to Do in Siskiyou County left Happy Camp out completely. Humboldt Arts Council doesn't list the Happy Camp Chamber either. Errors in the Siskiyou Connection Telephone Directory were also discussed. (Chamber phone is wrong 2 out of 3 times listed)
The final plans for the welcome dinner at the River Park on July 18th were discussed. (It was later postponed due to conflicting plans that had arisen for the doctor.)

Wednesday July 15, 1998
Harvey called the meeting to order. The Chamber enjoyed Jim Waddells slide presentation very much.Present were President Harvey Shinar, Jim & Lee Waddell, Rosie Bley, Gini Hyde, Jean Dulong and Judy Bushy as well as Jim Snapp (the Karuk Drug and Alcohol Counselor.)
Rosie shared the draft of her brochure which should be here in about three weeks. Harvey will not be available next week and stressed the importance of August 4th meeting at Lions Hall to vote on Bylaws. It is imperative that we hae a quorum to vote on the Bylaw Amendments. Potluck for doctor at River Park is tentatively Saturday, August 22nd.

Come to the

Lions Scout Hall on Park Way
August 4th, 1998
7:00 p.m.