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1998 November Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce Minutes

November 3, 1998
Present were Harvey Shinar, Debbie Wilkinson, Jean Dulong, Judy Bushy, Tom Waddell Howard Garthwait and Gini Hyde. After a discussion on the October Minutes, it was requested that they be changed to read "Due to lack of a quorum, no official business was held in the month of October, 1998."
Treasurer reported that as of the end of October there is a balance of $2,371.62 on hand.
Gini made a motion that we allow the Secretary $42 for postage for November and October. Howard seconded it and it passed.
Phil Langdon of Prehistoric Products who was going to come and share his business, was ill and will come and spake later.
David Hayes of Double J lent a rack for the display of Karuk Reunion t-shirts and merchandise.The Karuk Tribe has graciously allowed the merchandise to be sold at the Tribal administration building. Judy made a motion that the Tribe will sell them and reimburse us $803.75 (our cost) as the merchandise is sold, after that the balance is theirs to do with whatever they want. Gini seconded the motion and it passed.
The Boat Race memorial plaques were discussed. It was suggested that Gary Burnett and the Happy Camp Community Service District be consulted. Jean will bring a quote on plaques.
The little park clean up was rained out Saturday.
Pool Tournament entries were not coming in. Howard made a motion that we cancel the pool Tournament and refund entrants' fee. Tom 2nd the motion and it passed.
Howard reported on the Action Committee meeting last night. Cross country skiing and hiking trails as well as bicycle trails were discussed. Tom would like to see a community transportation plan to take to the Forest Service.
Bud Johnson is still interested in Drift Boat races. Harvey will contact music for the St. Patrick's Day dinner. Christmas Tree Lighting is December 2nd at 5 pm. Jon Saler has it on the music program calendar. Janeen is checking on popcorn and cider. Joann Steel of Mt. Shasta has the contract and funding for the Siskiyou County Visitor's Bureau. Holiday dinners were discussed. The treasurer has received checks that were ordered. Charlotte made a motion that we meet November 18th at the GoldMine, Jean seconded it and it passed. There will be no meeting the week of Thanksgiving. Tuesday, December 1st will be the evening meeting at the Lions/Scout Hall at 7 pm. 
There was a discussion on who signs the banks card. Gini made a motion that Jean, Harvey, Debbie and Howard sign the Bank Card. Charlotte 2nd the motion and it passed. 

November 11th No quorum

November 18, 1998
Harvey returned $57 from sale of Reunion shirts at the Tribal office. Treasurer, Jean reported the balance on the account is $2,443.42 with $109 deposited and $4.86 interest.
Lairy Dobbins fro Neighborhood Watch said Bruce Campbell noticed high drug use among his patients. He requested support for he Neighborhood Watch. They discussed getting a constable. Beau Morton is the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor for Karuk people. The Tribe also allows the AA and NA organizations to use their facilities. Howard reported on the Associated Chamber of Commerce meeting. The Associated Chambers of Commerce were begun in 1962 and for 36 years have served the Siskiyou County Communities. They will no longer operate as before because they will have no funds after November 30th. They will continue to have an annual Meeting to handle Harry Crebbins Scholarship Fund.
Harvey went to the recent CIIC meetings. Don Humphries and Tom Waddell of KCDC were not able to be at the meeting but they are applying for a grant for $59,000.00. This will involve $21,000 for Colliers Rest Area, $21,000 for an interpretive center in Happy Camp and $7,000 for a Hoopa Information Center for hospitality training and $5,000 for Willow Creek. KCDC may be able to take over the Visitor's Bureau Website calls so these calls will not be lost.
Christmas tree Lighting will be 5 pm instead of 5:30 as on the calendar. It was decided tht we would sell calendars at the Grange Holiday Bazaar, Evans and Siskiyou House for $5 each. Monday Meals on Wheels, Lola Wiley began delivering meals to 9 senior citizens.
 Present at the meeting were Harvey Shinar, Rosemary Boren, Jean Dulong, Judy Bushy, Ellen Johnson, Howard Garthwait, Rosie Bley, Charlotte Attebery, Gini& Ivan Hyde, Lairy Dobbins, Carrol and Fred Nelson of Thompson Creek Lodge and Elaine Swem (George's daughter from the Tire shop).

December 1st Evening Meeting at Lions/Scout Hall at 7 pm.
December 16 at GoldMine will be the only Wednesday meeting in December!
Happy Holidays!
January 5th meeting will be at the Lions/
Scout Hall at 7 pm.


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