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October 1998 Happy Camp Chamber Minutes

Please come to November 3rd Meetina t the Lions/scout Hall at 7 pm for interesting NEW Business

October 6th Evening Meeting at the Lions Scout Hall.
Present were President Harvey Shinar, Debbie and Sharon Wilkinson, Jean Dulong, Judy Bushy, Howard and Shirley Garthwait, Barbara Black and Gini Hyde. There was no quorum.
Barbara Black had been asked to share Naturegraph Publishing Business, and shared very interesting history and publications of Naturegraph.

October 14, Wednesday Meeting at Gold Mine Restaurant at 1 pm, no quorum.
Present were Debbie, Jean, Rosemary, and Gini Hyde. No quorum.
The Treasurer reported that we have $600 to deposit from T shirt sales. Checks expense of $30.95 was paid leaving a balance of $2,936.08. Tribe will buy the balance of the t-shirts at cost. Next year we are s=welcome to do something else.
Jean will bring a bid for boat race commemorative plaque (approximately $250.00)
Harvey shared his letters sent about Pool Tournament which secretary mailed.
There was a discussion on a letter from government office.
There is a Clean Up day planned for October 31st at the Old Town Mini-park with hot dogs and marshmallow. It will be no host from the insurance. Ellen got dirt from the tribe. Ed Jacobsen from county said they'd clean sidewalks.

October 21, Wednesday Meeting at Gold Mine Restaurant at 1 pm no quorum.
Present were Harvey Shinar, Debbie Wilkinson, Jean Dulong, Rosemary Boren and Gini Hude. AS There was no quorum, not motions were entertained.
Secretary attended the Y2K Seminar by Mike Jones from Timberlake Bank in Yreka.
Comming Pool Tournament for November 14th was discussed.
Thank you Rosemary for filling in for secretary in her absence.

October 28 Wednesday Meeting at Gold Mine Restaurant at 1 p.m. no quorum
Present were Debbie Wilkinson, Rosemary Boren, Jean Dulong, Judy Bushy Ellen Johnson, Dolores Voyles, Gini Hyde and Kim Foster. The Chamber received a letter about Holiday Meals. There was a bill from Larry's balance previously voted to pay August 19th for supplies.

October 28, Wednesday Meeting at Gold Mine Restaurant at 1 pm. No quorum
Present were Debbie Wilkinson, Rosemary Boren, Jean Dulong, Judy Bushy, Ellen Johnson, Delores Voyles, Gini Hyde and Kim Foster.
Emilyn Sheffield was with us from Chico to discuss the State of Jefferson and Bigfoot Byway promotions that she has planned as well as promoting the eight Scenic Byways in the north state. .
In 1994 when Emily began doing cooperative marketing, she noticed a collection of drives, Feather River Scenic Byway, Lassen National Forest, Modoc, State of Jefferson, Smith River and two Trinity Scenic Byways. There will be Bigfoot Byway when Six Rivers National Forest gets approval fro received from Washington, DC.
Her project will be merchandising a calendar poster for nonprofits to sell. It will be tested in Modoc Volcanic Byway, Lassen Park Scenic Byway and Trinity because it it spread out collection of towns and if it works there it will work anyway. There will be space for a local chamber to personalize it.
She is setting up as small advisory committee and will have representatives fro retail, nonprofit, (like Chamber of Commerce) Community, and private sector like John Thompson from Redwood, and each byway to have a representative from Forest Service, tourism and community.
If she can get a sponsor to pay for mugs in Weaverville to get a minimum order of 144 mugs with 6 colors, w could "bootleg" it and make one for Jefferson and Bigfoot Byways. The suggestion  was made to use grey scale  illustrations and gold lettering for a much less expensive mug. It would make a good figt for Chamber members to give.
There was discussion on place-mats and publications like "All the restaurants along the byway All the guides along the byway" etc.A tabletop with four 4x9 panels is int he works for the Trinity River, Trinity Heritage, State of Jefferson and Bigfoot Byways, They could later be cut for rack cards. She was also talking of key chains, Stickers (luggage labels) magnets, collector cards, clocks and bumper stickers. It will probably be let out to the communities to use as long as they don't change the design or colors but it mus be used to promote northern California's byways and non-revocable, but may be licensed. No one will get it ahead of time except calendar posters or if we wanted to do the mug project. Emilyn is trying to get someone to get a catalog out. Gini mentioned that mugs and t-shirts go best and maybe a magnet for $3 or less.
There was also talk of a town, like Happy Camp, or museum or activity wanted a similar graphic to use like a logo in connection with the scenic byway program that could be made for $500.00. there was the idea of putting up metal silkscreen signs at River Access/Campgrounds & Colliers and Bulletin boards telling towns especially and showing services and activities available. The 800 number to use on the State of Jefferson was discussed but will be decided January. Emilyn felt that it is critical that we get back into Colliers Rest Area.
Due to lack of quorum, not bills were paid, minutes were not approved, and no official business was held in the month of October. Please attend whenever possible especially Board members.
Next regularly scheduled meeting is on November 3rd (election day) at the Lions/Scout Hall. Wednesday meetings will be November 11 (Veterans Day) 18th, and 25th. Chamber sponsored pool tournament is coming soon. Hope you posted the flier sent to you last month

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