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July 1, 1987 Minutes for Happy Camp Chamber

July 1, 1987
Harvey Shinar, Gini & Ivan Hyde, Janeen Snopl, Gary Burnett, Debbie & Sharon Wilkerson, Jean Dulong, Rosemary "Boren and Judy Bushy were present for the July 1, 1998 meeting when Harvey, as president, called the meeting to order. Refreshments were served, cookies and punch.
Jean gave a treasurer's report that she made a $398.50 deposit for a balance of about $1,230.50 for the new Chamber year.
Secretary handed out June minutes and Bylaws with amendments from other bylaws for incorporation to ba a 501(c)6 mutual benefit association. The vote on the amendments will be Tuesday, August 4th at 7 p.m. at the Lions Hall on Park Way.
Jill Sherman requested another letter for the Bigfoot Byway. Harvey will send it.                             Harvey will call CalTrans about getting the sign "closed due to snow" closed for the summer. Harvey reported from the Or?Cal meeting that the generator and library grants are proceeding.
Nominations for officers and board for the 1998-9 year are:
President: Harvey Shinar                            Treasurer:Jean Dulong
1st Vice President: Gary Burnett                Board: Jim Waddell
2nd Vice President: Debbie Wilkinson       Tom Waddell
3rd Vice President: Rosemary Boren          Ellen Johnson
Secretary: Judy Bushy                                 Janeen Snopl
Past President (Associate Representative): Howard Garthwait
Ivan made a motion to accept the slate of officers and Gini Seconded the motion. It passed.
Gini returned half of the June rent to the Chamber as the phone was moved out early.
Welcome to Happy Camp dinner for the doctor and dentist was discussed. Judy made a motion to allow $25 for lemonade and paper goods. Gary 2nd the motion and it passed.
Bigfoot Jamboree Ad was discussed before the meeting was adjourned.

Tuesday July 7, 1998
Harvey Shinar, Jean Dulong, Rosemary Boren, Jim & Lee Waddell and Judy Bushy were present.
A million and a half grant for Resource Development for a gas station in Happy Camp was discussed favorably.
Insurance quote was discussed.
Vote on Byway amendment was discussed before adjourning.
BINGO for the Slater Butte Translator is August 8th at 6:30 at Karuk Multipurpose Room at the old Elementary School.

Wednesday July 15, 1998
Jim Waddell will present slides and Rosie her brochure next week. .
Tribal Reunion will be October 10, 1998
Gini and Ivan sent in the calendar and $730.00 payment.
Churchill Insurance was paid $540.00 for liability insurance.
Debbie made a motion 2nd by Charlotte to buy a $50 ad in the Bigfoot Jamboree booklet of the Happy Camp Coordinating council.
Errors in recent publications were discussed. Gini brought to attention that the Fun Guide lists Siskiyou House as the Chamber office yet.
Humboldt's Visitor Guide gave the Siskiyou House phone instead of the Chamber phone and the Web site address was left out. One Hundred and One Things to Do in Siskiyou County left Happy Camp out completely. Humboldt Arts Council doesn't list the Happy Camp Chamber either. Errors in the Siskiyou Connection Telephone Directory were also discussed. (Chamber phone is wrong 2 out of 3 times listed)
The final plans for the welcome dinner at the River Park on July 18th were discussed. (It was later postponed due to conflicting plans that had arisen for the doctor.)

Wednesday July 15, 1998
Harvey called the meeting to order. The Chamber enjoyed Jim Waddells slide presentation very much.Present were President Harvey Shinar, Jim & Lee Waddell, Rosie Bley, Gini Hyde, Jean Dulong and Judy Bushy as well as Jim Snapp (the Karuk Drug and Alcohol Counselor.)
Rosie shared the draft of her brochure which should be here in about three weeks. Harvey will not be available next week and stressed the importance of August 4th meeting at Lions Hall to vote on Bylaws. It is imperative that we hae a quorum to vote on the Bylaw Amendments. Potluck for doctor at River Park is tentatively Saturday, August 22nd.

Come to the

Lions Scout Hall on Park Way
August 4th, 1998
7:00 p.m.

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