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2006 Chamber Minutes April 4, 2006

Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce Minutes for April 4, 2006
The monthly meeting of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce was April 4th at 6 p.m. at the Elk Creek Campground Meeting Room. Roberta Collum  surprised those who came with a dinner, which was great! Thanks!!
Those present were James Buchner, Roberta and Olen Collum, Montine Blevins, Eugene Kravis, Judy Bushy and Nadine McElyea, each of whom introduced themselves.
Roberta made a motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting, March 5, and 27th. Gene seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Nadine had expressed an interest in presenting some coming events of the Family Resource Center to the Chamber and did so at this time.

  • First matter is working together to prevent vandalism and broken windows which have been prevalent of late
  • Family picnic in the park May 6th was discussed with presentation of playground equipment. Donations of time/money would be welcome!
  • Tuesday, April 11th will be Child Abuse forum 11-1.
Membership,which has risen was discussed. Other means to increase membership and making new membership packets were discussed. Gene made a motion to provide $200 for framed membership certificates, with new seals. Robbie 2nd it and it passed unanimously, secretary abstained.
Brochure printing was discussed. Mosaic Press could print a beautiful tri-fold brochure for $1,100.00 due to quantity needed and that would not be within our budget. The Annual Chamber report, NEWSLETTER, of what the Chamber has accomplished in the past year could be sent to all box holders at a cost of $99. Colliers poster needs to be replaced due to fading. James had only two more deadlines for publications to complete plans for print advertising for the year.
Medford Home, Garden and Recreation Show only cost the Chamber $300 due to a savings on Insurance. Roberta and Montine shared their experiences and how people want to come down for fishing and rafting. Winner of the rafting trip is Candace Colliers of Talent, Oregon.
James has met with the Forest Service and reported on the Visitor Information Center the Recreation Kiosk and the need for more signage.
No one from the Bike Rally was present to give the Chamber an update on the plans. Over $3,000 is on hand to donate to River Park Improvements to the Happy Camp Community Services District.
All American Road application will be continuing. Jim Vancurra will be invited for a meeting. He would have been here tonight but his sons came for his birthday.
Bigfoot Jamboree will be celebrating the 20th year and Judy will meet with them to see how we can help.
The 501c6 status is the first goal of the new year. Montine will help James find the paperwork information that is needed to complete it.
Pet Emergency Seminar plans are for Saturday May 13th at 1:30. Fifteen attended last year and having a guess who handles emergencies also come was discussed.
Candidates Night was discussed and James will see if Marcia can come to a town meeting and schedule it when convenient for her along with other candidates
2006 Chamber Agenda for the Coming year:

  • Event information and photos are needed. If you have good scenic or recreational activity photos that the Chamber can use on posters brochures, newsletters, etc They would be much appreciated. We need upcoming events for the Newsletter also. 
  • River Long Garage & Yard Sale, possibly June 10th was discussed. everyone to be on a map advertise in areas like Medford about the drive down the Byways, and ask Yard Sales to donate a portion of their proceeds to Family Resource Center. 
  • Locating the Chamber trailer, used as an office located near the Visitor Information Center was discussed.
  • New Website ideas were discussed. An example to look at is suggestions.
  • We discussed a nonprofit group Friends of the Klamath National Forest and the possibility of using senior volunteers for the Visitor Information Center. 
Adjourned with plans to meet:

  • Advertising Committee Wednesday April 12th at noon at Elk Creek Meeting Room
  • Publication & promotions meets 4/20 with Jim Vancurra at Pizza House at One o'clock
  • Candidates Night will be scheduled Thursday May 11 6 p.m. at Lions Hall
  • Next monthly meeting is May 2nd, 2006 at the Elk Creek Campground Meeting Room
  • Emergency Pet Seminar at High School with Dr. KIravis is Saturday May 13th


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