Tuesday, January 5, 2016

1998 December Happy Camp Chamber Minutes

December 1, 1998

Christmas Tree Cake made by Debbie Wilkinson,
Gini, Joann & Mr. Rucker and Ivan Hyde
Gay Baxter President of Down River Chamber
, and Howard Garthwait
Due to a meeting on HUBZone Empowerment Contracting Program, Don Humphries was not able to come. Gay Baxter, President of the Somes Bar.Orleans Chamber of Commerce discussed the pre-grant proposal for Colliers that Harvey and "Don presented to the Down River Chamber. She also said the Bigfoot Scenic Byway proposal which was supposed to be in Washington DC could not be located and will be sent again.
There was a spirited discussion on the Board of Supervisors actions. The unincorporated TOT still belongs to us. Joann Rucker said there are no funds to reprint the Siskiyou County map. Associated Chamber meets December 10th for a decision on their situation. Hope was expertness that the Chamber could use the 800 number and Internet numbers if the Associate Chamber doesn't do so. Harvey suggested the Tribe do so even though they are not members of the Chamber or KCDC.

Janeen Snopl handing out refreshments
Ivan Hyde and Ron Snopl helping
at Christmas Tree Lighting
Gay has received a $25,000 grant for "Hwy 96 Opportunity Guide" which will include driving over Greyback to Oregon. Hoopa received a grant of $30,000 for Watchable Wildlife but plans to make a book to sell. Gay asked Harvey to serve on a Hwy 96 Task Force, Harvey prefers to call it the River Corridor Task Force. Gay wants to include Willow Creek and Orleans.
Boat Race plaques are awaiting further bids for brass coast.
Howard reported that all is ready for the Christmas Tree Lighting tomorrow.
St. Patrick's Dinner will be March 13 and Harvey is getting more music.
The Chamber received OrCal Newsletter has been asked for an event list. Secretary has been asked for an event list. Secretary has sent information to San Francisco Downtown Magazine.

Sign In for the December, 1998 meeting at the Lions/Scout Hall.
Next Meeting is December 16th at the Gold Mine, the only Wednesday meeting in December.

January 5th meeting will be at the Lions/Scout Hall at 7 pm/ 
Thank you to the men who decorated the Christmas Tree and got the star on straight. Jon Saler and the music students who performed, Ron, Janeen and Ivan who served popcorn and cider Santa and Howard who was in charge and all others who participated in the beginning of the Holiday Season December 2nd. 

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