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Chamber Happenings for June 1998

Minutes for the June Meetings 1998:
Present: Harvey Shinar, Ivan & Gini Hyde, Jean Dulong, Rosemary Boren, Marion Curtis, Helen Forbes, Debbie Wilkinson, Mike & Janice Trombetta and Judy Bushy.
Welfare to work program will be in Happy Camp June 17th at 7 p.m.
Tour Coach report was given by Gini who thanked the Chamber for encouragement and all they have done.
Ivan & Gini no longer wish Siskiyou House to be the Chamber office so a new place will be considered.
Lioness Fun Fest is postponed to October 3rd.
Bike races are getting too close to complete plans properly this year. Mountain Man Rendezvous is still in planning stages.
Action Committee meeting on law enforcement was discussed. It was requested that the Chamber support the Neighborhood Watch more.
Nominations were discussed. It was suggested usually the officers conduct meetings and business but committees handle other matters. It was suggested we talk to the Lions Club, Lionesses, Grange VFW, and Karuk Council about more representation. They have the same problems we have, come to meeting and discuss them.

June 10, 1998
Jean reported that our previous insurance is in effect until July 28th. Debbie made a motion to rescind the motion of May to pay $57, Rosemary 2nd it and it passed. Allstate $540 seems the best insurance quote we can get.
Copies of the Somes Bar/Orleans Bylaws were handed out for study as Shirry Reynolds sent them to us.
Ivan and Chuck will make a presentation to the Tribe next Wednesday on $4,000.00 reuqst for the Collier's Interpretive & Information 'Center.
Charlotte offered to house the Chamber Visitor Information Center and Chamber telephone at Evans Mercantile. Her gracious offer was appreciated. It was suggested we get a quote for a sign out front. Siskiyou Telephone will have authorization to change the telephone line and brochure racks will be needed.
Charlotte made a motion we gat a $50 ad for BIGFOOT JAMBOREE. Tom 2nd the motion and it passed. Debbie will bring a suggested layout including the web page. We need to call about booth rental.
June 17th, 1998
Present were Harvey, Jean, Rosemary, Debbie, Gini, Rosie. Gary and Judy.
Secretary announced we have received membership renewals from Debbie Wilkinson, Connor's Card-lock, Bigger Hammer McCulley Logging Co and G & L Tire.
Nominations are for President, Harvey Shinar
First Vice President Howard Garthwait, Second Vice President  Debbie Wilkinson (promotion) and Third Vice President Rosemary or Tom Waddell (Membership)
Secretary: Judy Bushy, Treasurer Jean Dulong
Board Member at large: Rosemary Boren, Gary Burnett and 2 more are needed.
Past President: Howard Garthwait.
There is a critical need for more people to serve!
Judy made a motion we pay $5- for Or-Cal, $75.49 to Office Outfitters and $6 postage to Ivan, Rosemary 2nd the motion and it was approved.

June 24, 1998
Present: Harvey, Judy Jean Gini Rosemary Rosie Debbie and Sharon and Judy.
embers who have renewed are:Naturegraph, Frontier Lodge & Cafe, adn Sanitary District.
Harvey announced a professor and his wife who've been to China will give a program at the Grange Hall on Chinese in the Gold Rush sponsored bny the University of California and the Library Board. Perhaps we could serve lunch.
Or Csal and associate Chamber meetings were discussed.
Visitor Bureau requested $4,000 from the Karuk Tribe.
Jean reported that she deposited $507.50 for a balance of $1,834.30 and with what came in now about $156 the balance will be $1,990.
Poker booth for Bigfoot Jamboree and a welcome dinner for doctor and dentist t were discussed.
Note to Chamber Members will Minutes:

Your presence is requested at these very vital meetings:
July 1, Wednesday will be election of officers at 1 p.m. at Gold Mine Restaurant.
July 7th will be monthly Tuesday meeting at 7 p.m. (The Bylaws will be presented for final discussion so that we may vote on adoption by August 4th at 7 p.m. at the Lions/Scout Hall on Park Way.) The Chamber began July 1987 will have a birthday.
Decisions will be made at the time where to hold July Wednesday meeting for July 15th, 22nd and 29th at 1 p.m.

Harvey will check with Somes Bar/POrleans Chamber about their bylaws.

Happy Camp Chamber for May 5, 1998

May 5, 1998 was Candidate night at the Lions/Scout Hall on Park Way.
May 13th was a regular weekly meeting at the Gold Mine Restaurant. A Hot dog booth at the FunFest was discussed. Volunteers can sign up with Janice at Office Outfitters. Debbie is signing up volunteer poker dealers. Donna made a motion to pay $25 for a food booth (in addition to poker booth) Gini 2nd the motion and it passed.
Ivan did a mailing on the ads for calendars. Judy made a motion we reimburse him $6.40 and five him additional postage for future mailing for $9.60. Donna 2nd the motion and it passed.
 Janice made a motion we pay pay Larry's bill $8.70, Donna 2nd and it passed. Howard made a motion we take the usual Fun Guide ad on the back for $225, Donna 2nd and it passed. Howard asked that we pay interim insurance to Churchill about $51, Gini made the motion, Janice 2nd and it passed. They will check with Churchill on the Allstate policy which will be cheaper considering the added event charge.
Donna will call about advertising at the Bay Shore Mall to get the coastal tourists to come inland and see our area.
Tribe will have hamburger and hot dogs at the Tribal Reunion in September. Secretary was asked to check with Charlotte on T-Shirts (she is agreeable to doing t-shirts for the 2nd annual Tribal Reunion with two feathers.)

Rosemary made a motion that we order envelopes from Office Outfitters, Donna 2nd and it passed.

Howard thanked the Chamber oft the Get Well Balloon during his hospitalization.

Rosemary suggested a MEMBERSHIP DRIVE. There was a discussion  on raising dues because of the raise in insurance and other expenses, as well as to tell whether it is calendar or dues income. The matter was tabled for further consideration.

May 20th, 1998 Harvey called the meeting to order; Howard, Jean, Donna, Delores, Debbie and Judy were present. A dinner to meet the doctor and dentist was discussed. Treasurer reported we had $2605. the end of April. She has paid out $190 thus far this month for an estimated balance of $$2400 including brochure money. Insurance, $51.67 plus $129 per event or $504.00 including events with Allstate was discussed.

Harvey went to the Board Council Training Session with RC&D, je relates the importance that we focus on why we are here.

Two booths (poker and food) at Music Funfest were discussed. Poker dealers and food servers are needed. Rosemary was unavailable for update on the food booth. There will be a FRONTIER bus tour next week.
Howard will call a BYLAW committee meeting soon.
Bayshore offered advertising at the mall for $400 a month for a 10x10 space. Suggestion was made that we split it with Coordinating Council if they want to advertise Bigfoot Jamboree. It was decided we should wait until brochures are paid for.
Discussion on raising the dues a dollar or two to differentiate between calendar payments. Nee for more income due to increasing rent and insurance costs was discussed but the consensus is to keep dues as low as possible for more involvement by more businesses who are still in economic hard times.
May 27th meeing was called to order by Harvey. The FRONTIER tourists were at the Gold Mine Restaurant. Howard was out of town. Gini & Ivan were cooking with BJ at the park for the tour dinner. Rosemary was welcomed back after surgery. Harvey, Jean, Delores, Chuck and Judy were present.
Dispersal of STAT OF JEFFERSON SCENIC BYWAY brochure was discussed. Chuck said that he sent out 3,800 mailings last year for River Connection. Several hundred dollars have come in for the calendar advertising but it is not yet deposited. Chuck will check with Ivan on billing the $447 that we paid for advertisers.
There will be a meeting at 5 the Grange on the Forest Service Road Closures.
OR-CAL grant topics were discussed A snowshoe and cross-country ski Snow park, horseback riding or horse packing and rifer farting tours were discussed. Chuck recommended Orange Torpedo from Grants Pass. We could check with Rick. Claypoole who is part-time with them.
Discussion of generating computer labels for Chamber mailings was discussed.
Howard as chairman of the nominating committee, is seeking faithful people who will serve on the board for the coming year.
It is vital that we have a quorum for the meeting next week to decide budget natters, amount of the dues for this year, and nominations for board members and officers for the coming year. Tuesday night, June 2nd after you vote at 7 p.m. meet at the Lions Scout Hall. It will be decided which cafe to meet at for June Wednesday lunch meetings.

The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce thanks you for your support in the past. We value your input and appreciate your joining with us to help work together to improve the Klamath River Valley communities. Despite the rise in insurance cost and other expenses, we have tried to keep the annual membership dues as low as possible for the community.

Only one dollar a week, $52.00 a year, will continue your support as a business member of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce. Dues are due by July first and cover the year July 1, 1998 to June 30, 1999.

Your business received advertising and listing in the membership directory, you may display your brochures at the Chamber office and calls to the Chamber telephone are referred to Chamber members whenever possible. We support you in appreciation of your support!!

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Happy Camp Chamber Meets April, 1998 & Emilyn Sheffield.

April 1, 1998
Harvey called the April 1st meeting of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce to order. Harvey Shinar, Ivan & Gini Hyde, Howard Garthwait, Jean Dulong, Rosemary Boren, Helen Forbes, Chuck Atkins, Carrol Nelson, Debbie Wilkinson and Judy Bushy were present.

A letter was sent to Michael Condon USS District Ranger about the El Creek Road Situation A press release was approve about Candidate Night May 5th at the Lions Scout Hall on Park Way at 7 PM.
New Business: McCloud Lumberjack Fiesta is July 24-26, it costs $5 to be in the parade. Humboldt Visitor Guide advertising 6 spaces, available to Chamber members for 20% off was discussed. Millers Gas Station closing was discussed. Colliers Information and Interpretive Center (CIIC) did not get grant to operate this summer. Jean reported $3,298.38 in account including $2,000 grant.

April 7, 1998
Old Business: Ivan discussed the difficulty for construction outfit without a gas station here. There will be a National Marine Fisheries (NMF) meeting Thursday in Yreka. Chuck made a motion to get the ad in the Humboldt Visitor's magazine with Chamber paying for the ad and being reimbursed by advertisers, 2nd by Howard and approved.
New Business: The Chamber authorized the secretary to research the Dialog fror grant to finish the Old Town Park. Advertising money for tourisn new sigh, beautification and community development. Park site acquisition and Brick Building were discussed. We will have poker booth at Music Fun-fest. Coordinating Council requested bids for beer booth at the Bigfoot jamboree.
Howard reported on the Associate Chamber. County video and Cal Energy Geothermal project.
Rosemary suggested that we have an art, crat and antique show July 4th Sunday the Lions will have the Annual
Easter Egg Hunt at the high school. Mike Trombetta said the Computer Center is now a CSU satellite location to get upper division and graduate courses this summer and AA from COS in the fall.
Michael Condon and Barbara Holder and engineer will meet on Elk Creek Road repair and this may be a good time to ask 7 miles of Elk Creek go to County System.
Our Insurance Company will not renew the policy, a new carrier will be located.

April 15, 1998
Present Harvey Shinar, Ivan & Gini Hyde, Howard Garthwait, Jean Dulong, Rosemary Boren, Helen Forbes Chuck Atkins, Carroll Nelson, Debbie Wilkinson, Sue Burcell, Mike Trombetta and Dion Wood and Judy Bushy.
Judith Morasso, Judith and Charles Young gave a presentation on the Karuk Housing Authority, 40 new homes in various stages to be built and economic impact on Happy Camp. Howard Garthwait reported on Candidate night.
Rosie reported on Web Page corrections needing to be done (especially 530 area code.)
Churchill will give insurance quote next week.
Rental of Lions/Scout Hall was last paid 2/12/97 for 1997 and Howard made a motion that Jean be authorized to write a check to $120 for the first Tuesday of each month for a year and pay Larry's $23.93.. 2nd by Ivan and approved. Present balance is $3,263.40 and interest. Ivan made a motion we pay $20 for Lioness Funfest Poker booth, Howard 2nd and passed.

April 16, 1998
Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce hosted the Associate Chambers at the Memorial Log High School Building with dinner following at the Indian Creek Cafe.

April 22, 1998
There were thirty members and visitor's present at Indian Creek Cafe for the regular meeting of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce. Emily Sheffield of Chico State University explained the Scenic Byway Project.
Present for the business meeting at 2:30 were Harvey Shinar,Ivan & Gini Hyde, Gary, Jean Dulong, Rosemary Boren, Marion Curtis, Doozie  Donna McCulley, Debbie Wilkinson, Chuck Harrison, Carroll Nelson, Mike Trombetta and Judy Bushy.
Rosemary made a motion that we use $1,800 for State of Jefferson Scenic Byway Brochures. Donna 2nd and it was approved Rosie abstained.
Harvey will be at a Board Workshop with OreCal on April 29th.

April 29th meeting of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce was called to order by Vice President Ivan at 1:15 at the Indian Creek Cafe.  Those present were Ivan & Gini Hyde, Jean Dulong, Marion Curtis, Rosy Bley, Rosemary Boren, Chuck Harrison and Judy Bushy.
Chuck Harrison reported on the Happy Camp Achievement Center which is seeing to obtain grants to buy vans for transportation of Happy Camp's elderly,disabled and poor. They hope to get $170,000 to operate two vans and driver for a year. Marion made a motion that we endorse the idea and give a letter of support, Rosie 2nd and it passed.
Howard gave Ivan a quote for insurance where each chamber pays $206 plus $129 for each special event. It was suggested we look into Allstate policy $500 all inclusive which would be less expensive before deciding.
Marion made a notion we sell hot-dogs in addition to the poker booth at Music Fun-fest June 20th if there are enough workers. Rosie 2nd the motion and it passed.
Rosemary made a motion that we buy envelopes and pay postage, 2nd by Helen Forbes. Office Outfitters provided 1000 envelopes for $55 plus shipping last time an it lasted nearly a year. Ivan needs postage and Judy had requests for brochures and last mailing of brochures from last November or December wasn't reimbursed yet. Jean complained that stamps had been bought March 1st for February and March minutes. Secretary said April minutes are ready to send out. The item was tabled to the next meeting.
Candidate night was discussed. Debbie will make a cake an Marion will provide small paper plates.
Secretary brought up the opportunity to have our service organizations listed on a county resources website ( Tabled for further discussion.


Happy Camp Chamber Meets February 3, 1998

Howard /Garthwait presented Harvey Shinar a certificate
upon his election as President of the Happy Camp Chamber.
Harvey Shinar, president, brought the meeting to order at the Lion's Scout Hall shortly after 7 PM. Those present were Harvey Shinar, Howard Garthwait, Jean Dulong, Mike and Janice Trombetta, Jay Clark #2, Lairy Dobbins, Jim Vancurra, Rosemary Boren and Judy Bushy.

Harvey will no longer represent the Karuk Tribe to the Chamber. He will be an individual member and continue to serve at the pleasure of the Chamber.

Mike gave an update on the first month operation of the Computer Center. Since January 2nd, they have signed up over 300 users. Many are in the ten lases for the Elementary School, 8 High School classes, Jefferson Continuation School classes, In the ten adult classes they have about fifty students. Many are signed up for future classes as well. They have done an in-service for Junction School in Somes Bar and a H.C.E.S. staff orientation. The Picturetel Video conferencing equipment has arrived but its not set up yet. Karuk Tribe has voted additional funding for staff so Jim Waddell is full time. They are contemplating satellite centers in Yreka and Orleans.

There will be a Grant Research Workshop at the Computer Center March 3rd with a follow up on April 7th. Jim V. saw the need of a nonprofit Foundation for this community. It would need $4-5 million, which might take ten years to achieve. The foundation wouldn't not touch the principal The possibility of an organization to administer the foundation was discussed. Peter Pennekamp of the Humboldt Area Foundation will come March 12th. Myrl is working on communication among Districts in a Community District Council. Happy Camp Community Service District needs a water filter, H.C. Volunteer Fire district needs a generator, Library Board is looking to relocate the library possibly with Karuk Health, Education & Fitness Center.

There will be a BOARD LEADERSHIP TRAINING from the U.S. Forest Service grant by Community Systems of Bozeman, Montana. It will cost about $100 in Yreka at Miner Inn. There will also be one in Klamath Falls. It is a 2-day workshop with 240 page manual on board effectiveness. The Chamber was asked if we would donate $100 toward refreshments. Decision tabled.

Lairy fro the Grange discussed March 14th St. Pat's day dinner and dance.

BICYCLE RACES are planned for late summer or early fall. Library is interested in a concession. Entry fee, prizes need to be determined. It could be a neat event and a money maker. Mike suggested bike race/Bigfoot Jamboree combination. Jay has a softball tournament then. Howard suggested bringing it to the Coordinating Council. Target it so the'd stay overnight. Jim suggested we try to make it an international event.
Music Fest, someone from Orleans here to discuss musical plans.
Public Relations Media Package for the Outdoor Writer's conference discussed.
Harvey has been elected to the executive board of the OreCal.
Archery Club is interested in cooperative efforts for the Rendezvous.
There will be a County Board of Supervisors meeting February 24th on Tourism.
February meeting will be on Roads, Tim Fitzpatrick,Ed Jacobson, Gill Heitler and Secretary asked Kay Bryan to attend.

Judy Bushy, Secretary

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 2015

Is anyone interested in going to the "On the Map" workshop, Thursday, December 3rd at noon at Great Northern in Weed? If not, but you are interested on having your business "on the Map" do you want to have a workshop, possibly afternoon after the holidays,
in Happy Camp?

Minutes from November Chamber Meeting:

Meeting was at Called to order at Pizza House at 3 pm
Since October minutes, balance in the checking account has increased to $245.29   with book order for $100 yet to be deposited $345.29.  That book-order will require purchase of more copies of Dear Mad'm and Dear Mad'm Who Was She? as those titles go the quickest. Since the new membership renewal requests for January 2016 have not been sent out as of yet, and we are WAY ahead of last year, when board members renewed early to meet the end of the year obligations. You may expect your renewal notice in the mail soon, as 2016 is going to be a great year, especially being out 30th Anniversary for the founding of the Happy Camp Chamber in July,  1986!!

Postage will also be needed for mailing coming up. Secretary checked with Jeannie at the bank on ordering checks, but she did not call back as of yet. 

We had many phone calls this week, particularly from Ed Lheaveux, author in Florida and Grace (related Walthalls) in Virginia. On Facebook we also had "like" from a gentleman in India, who thought we were most beautiful!! Which of course he is right!!
So many calls for lodging information, we really would appreciate brochures from lodging and food places a our supply is desperately low at the present time...especially Thompson Creek Lodge and Pizza House!!

If you have not had your edits on the Happy Camp Map and Directory, please get them in as soon as possible! The last board of the Chamber voted to include all businesses on the directory, but since we have eight pages, that simply will not fit!! The decision was made that all members (you) will receive a free listing-- approximately business card size. We will include all of the others that we are able to fit! However, if they especially want their business to be included, they may pay $25 for a listing with the name of the business and the phone number or Webpage where they may be contacted. (Additional lines being additional $10 each) This is the best compromise that we could come up with to get as many businesses in the directory brochure and yet not have it go beyond the size. Discussion of making a Handout for the 50th Anniversary of the Bigfoot Jamboree and 30th of the Chamber (similar to the Dear Mad'm handout we send with book orders) was tabled to the next meeting. Web page will be worked on at the December meeting. 

Busy month with QR Codes Workshop at the Siskiyou History Alliance, for which we will ask HCCSD if we may put a sign with QR Codes on the post of the Old Town Park sign and other owners (American House Hotel--Cuddihy family--Brick Building, Library,  Log High School Memorial, Log Church, Grange, Klamath Siskiyou Art Center etc) if they want QR Codes that can be read by tourists smart phones for information on historical sites. 
Di (Diane) Strathan and Jo (Joanne) Steele gave two evening workshop on marketing at Treehouse in Mt. Shasta. It was very interesting and informative while meeting a new business coming to the River and an Author Association for Siskiyou County as well as other businesses!! (Diane hasn't been down to Happy Camp to address the Chamber for 15 years, at the Lion's Hall--remember??)Next month is a JEDI opportunity to "put Happy Camp on the map!!" December 3rd in Mt Shasta City at JEDI

Ray Haupt came to discuss Chamber concerns and we appreciate the interest of our representative with Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors!! He brought us an update on the burned homes.

Plans for Dear Mad'm Symposium with the Siskiyou County Historical Society are being arranged with Lisa and Roberta Everett has offered bookmarks for the event. Kathy Jones has not been able to come over the hill yet--and it did snow!!

We have been offered an introductory tour of Chamber Master software and plan to do that for the December 2nd meeting, time and place to be determined by access to Web-computer tour!!
Thank you!

May you have much to be grateful for as we take a day to celebrate Thanksgiving, and may your memories be full of the happy places and times of former Thanksgivings as well! If you arent entertaining a crowd, come on down to the Happy Camp Elementary School for community holiday dinner at noon on Thursday. If you are able to, your help as a volunteer in preparation or clean-up would be grateful appreciated as well. Happy Thanksgiving! 

December 7th Neighborhood Watch meeting 5:30 Karuk Housing Conference Room
December 2 Happy Camp Chamber Meeting/ChamberMasterDemonstration
December 5 The Grange will be having its Annual Holiday Craft Fair from 11 o’clock to 3 PM.                          For information Call Ruth Bain (493-2989)
December 13th Eric Haskell's Holiday Parade for benefit of the H.C. Volunteer Fire Dept. December 16 Elementary School program/High School Drama
December 31st Community New Year Holiday Dinner (none on Christmas)
Let us know if you have events to be mentioned, and anything for Facebook as well. Thank you!! 

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Introducing Happy Camp Chamber
The Chamber welcomes everyone to Happy Camp, California. Our Happy Campers love living along the Wild and Scenic Klamath River, so sometimes it is hard to imagine others preferring noisy traffic jams, smog, and the other accouterments’ of city life. Happy Camp is opposite from metropolitan life as it is possible. Many people, who live in cities for employment or other benefits, love to come to the wilderness for recreation! In this first article of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce, we wanted to share some basics of our beloved community.

On a hot July evening, 1988 business owners enjoyed cool refreshment on the deck overlooking Elk Creek and the present Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce was founded for the purpose of getting billboards on I-5 freeway to attract tourists down the River to Happy Camp. Once here, they’d love the camping, hiking, rafting, hunting, fishing and gold panning! The Jones, who owned Elk Creek Campground were instrumental in the organizing and visited Travel Shows to publicize our area, a “hidden gem of the Klamath” as former President Robert “Javabob” Schmalzbach says.. Charlotte Attebry,proprietor of the historical Evans Mercantile was involved. Karen Adamson, of Larry’s Market was one of the first secretaries, and passed the duties to Janeen Snopl after Snopls bought the Market, years before it became Parry’s Market.  The Chamber, especially Ivan & Gini Hyde of Siskiyou House became busy with the Siskiyou County Associated Chambers and their Visitor’s Bureau for the County.The Karuk Tribe was especially involved when Harvey Shinar was the Chamber president.

Happy Camp Chamber is the life line of communication and cooperation of the community, not only Happy Camp, but the little towns from Klamath River to Willow Creek. Thus. we are so happy to let all of our community residents know about activities such as Seiad Day festivities, pancake breakfast, parade, kids games as well as vendors and auction and a dinner and dance on August 29th. This community event support of the Seiad Volunteer Fire Department ut it also is a wonderful opportunity to meet and visit with friends and neighbors up and down the River. 

Cooperation with other community organizations is a hallmark of the Chamber. Happy Camp Coordinating Council asked us to have a booth at our upcoming 39th annual Bigfoot Jamboree, in line with the expectations of tourists and “Bigfoot” enthusiasts. Thanks to Naturegraph publishers, we’ve been able to make available books on many local topics, Native American, edible plants, and flora and fauna! We just received a dozen books for children with Bigfoot stories for that booth September 4-6th. 
Through websites, , Facebook and other technological advantages communication takes place, yet Happy Camp still gets news via bulletin boards, friends calls and newspapers as well! Arranging Town Meetings is also a specialty!

The Chamber promotes, improves the business environment, stimulates a vibrant local economy and produces a cooperative effort to enhance the overall quality of life, not just of Happy Camp but all along the wild and scenic Klamath River and Hwy 96, to its highest potential. Joining the Chamber of Commerce means you join a cadre of volunteers to work to benefit the community. Since 2010, anyone can join, as a single member/partner or your company for $50 or $100 and all volunteers are welcome. Your COC is a great resource as it’s all about the communication and community  involvement.

The Happy Camp Chamber Board of Directors and Volunteers answer inquiries by phone 493-2900 (please leave a message if a volunteer isn't available), e-mail ( and letter (P. O. Box 1188, Happy Camp CA 96039). 

Information is available at 

and Facebook , Happy Camp, CA Chamber of Commerce. Thanks for liking us!