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Happy Camp Chamber Meets February 3, 1998

Howard /Garthwait presented Harvey Shinar a certificate
upon his election as President of the Happy Camp Chamber.
Harvey Shinar, president, brought the meeting to order at the Lion's Scout Hall shortly after 7 PM. Those present were Harvey Shinar, Howard Garthwait, Jean Dulong, Mike and Janice Trombetta, Jay Clark #2, Lairy Dobbins, Jim Vancurra, Rosemary Boren and Judy Bushy.

Harvey will no longer represent the Karuk Tribe to the Chamber. He will be an individual member and continue to serve at the pleasure of the Chamber.

Mike gave an update on the first month operation of the Computer Center. Since January 2nd, they have signed up over 300 users. Many are in the ten lases for the Elementary School, 8 High School classes, Jefferson Continuation School classes, In the ten adult classes they have about fifty students. Many are signed up for future classes as well. They have done an in-service for Junction School in Somes Bar and a H.C.E.S. staff orientation. The Picturetel Video conferencing equipment has arrived but its not set up yet. Karuk Tribe has voted additional funding for staff so Jim Waddell is full time. They are contemplating satellite centers in Yreka and Orleans.

There will be a Grant Research Workshop at the Computer Center March 3rd with a follow up on April 7th. Jim V. saw the need of a nonprofit Foundation for this community. It would need $4-5 million, which might take ten years to achieve. The foundation wouldn't not touch the principal The possibility of an organization to administer the foundation was discussed. Peter Pennekamp of the Humboldt Area Foundation will come March 12th. Myrl is working on communication among Districts in a Community District Council. Happy Camp Community Service District needs a water filter, H.C. Volunteer Fire district needs a generator, Library Board is looking to relocate the library possibly with Karuk Health, Education & Fitness Center.

There will be a BOARD LEADERSHIP TRAINING from the U.S. Forest Service grant by Community Systems of Bozeman, Montana. It will cost about $100 in Yreka at Miner Inn. There will also be one in Klamath Falls. It is a 2-day workshop with 240 page manual on board effectiveness. The Chamber was asked if we would donate $100 toward refreshments. Decision tabled.

Lairy fro the Grange discussed March 14th St. Pat's day dinner and dance.

BICYCLE RACES are planned for late summer or early fall. Library is interested in a concession. Entry fee, prizes need to be determined. It could be a neat event and a money maker. Mike suggested bike race/Bigfoot Jamboree combination. Jay has a softball tournament then. Howard suggested bringing it to the Coordinating Council. Target it so the'd stay overnight. Jim suggested we try to make it an international event.
Music Fest, someone from Orleans here to discuss musical plans.
Public Relations Media Package for the Outdoor Writer's conference discussed.
Harvey has been elected to the executive board of the OreCal.
Archery Club is interested in cooperative efforts for the Rendezvous.
There will be a County Board of Supervisors meeting February 24th on Tourism.
February meeting will be on Roads, Tim Fitzpatrick,Ed Jacobson, Gill Heitler and Secretary asked Kay Bryan to attend.

Judy Bushy, Secretary

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