Monday, November 9, 2015

Introducing Happy Camp Chamber
The Chamber welcomes everyone to Happy Camp, California. Our Happy Campers love living along the Wild and Scenic Klamath River, so sometimes it is hard to imagine others preferring noisy traffic jams, smog, and the other accouterments’ of city life. Happy Camp is opposite from metropolitan life as it is possible. Many people, who live in cities for employment or other benefits, love to come to the wilderness for recreation! In this first article of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce, we wanted to share some basics of our beloved community.

On a hot July evening, 1988 business owners enjoyed cool refreshment on the deck overlooking Elk Creek and the present Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce was founded for the purpose of getting billboards on I-5 freeway to attract tourists down the River to Happy Camp. Once here, they’d love the camping, hiking, rafting, hunting, fishing and gold panning! The Jones, who owned Elk Creek Campground were instrumental in the organizing and visited Travel Shows to publicize our area, a “hidden gem of the Klamath” as former President Robert “Javabob” Schmalzbach says.. Charlotte Attebry,proprietor of the historical Evans Mercantile was involved. Karen Adamson, of Larry’s Market was one of the first secretaries, and passed the duties to Janeen Snopl after Snopls bought the Market, years before it became Parry’s Market.  The Chamber, especially Ivan & Gini Hyde of Siskiyou House became busy with the Siskiyou County Associated Chambers and their Visitor’s Bureau for the County.The Karuk Tribe was especially involved when Harvey Shinar was the Chamber president.

Happy Camp Chamber is the life line of communication and cooperation of the community, not only Happy Camp, but the little towns from Klamath River to Willow Creek. Thus. we are so happy to let all of our community residents know about activities such as Seiad Day festivities, pancake breakfast, parade, kids games as well as vendors and auction and a dinner and dance on August 29th. This community event support of the Seiad Volunteer Fire Department ut it also is a wonderful opportunity to meet and visit with friends and neighbors up and down the River. 

Cooperation with other community organizations is a hallmark of the Chamber. Happy Camp Coordinating Council asked us to have a booth at our upcoming 39th annual Bigfoot Jamboree, in line with the expectations of tourists and “Bigfoot” enthusiasts. Thanks to Naturegraph publishers, we’ve been able to make available books on many local topics, Native American, edible plants, and flora and fauna! We just received a dozen books for children with Bigfoot stories for that booth September 4-6th. 
Through websites, , Facebook and other technological advantages communication takes place, yet Happy Camp still gets news via bulletin boards, friends calls and newspapers as well! Arranging Town Meetings is also a specialty!

The Chamber promotes, improves the business environment, stimulates a vibrant local economy and produces a cooperative effort to enhance the overall quality of life, not just of Happy Camp but all along the wild and scenic Klamath River and Hwy 96, to its highest potential. Joining the Chamber of Commerce means you join a cadre of volunteers to work to benefit the community. Since 2010, anyone can join, as a single member/partner or your company for $50 or $100 and all volunteers are welcome. Your COC is a great resource as it’s all about the communication and community  involvement.

The Happy Camp Chamber Board of Directors and Volunteers answer inquiries by phone 493-2900 (please leave a message if a volunteer isn't available), e-mail ( and letter (P. O. Box 1188, Happy Camp CA 96039). 

Information is available at 

and Facebook , Happy Camp, CA Chamber of Commerce. Thanks for liking us!

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